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13/07/2020 No Comments

Camping stoves for cooking

When you go camping, you do it to save money, and the food is expensive. But you can make do with cooking using the camping stove, which allows you to cook both ready-to-eat and dehydrated food, as well as a very normal pasta, but let’s see what camping products we are talking about. Camping Gas […]

23/03/2020 No Comments

Uuni Pizza Oven Reviews – The 3 Key Features To Look For

Pizza is a special cuisine and with the help of Uuni Pizza Oven reviews, it’s easy to find out whether a particular model or brand of oven is worth its cost. For pizza lovers, the past is always the best teacher. By asking these questions, you can narrow down your search and achieve a first […]

08/08/2019 No Comments

Seven summer quinoa salads for a healthy weekend snack

If you do not feel like getting into the kitchen to prepare complicated recipes we will help you by proposing seven great recipes for quinoa salads with which you will enjoy both making them and tasting them. The pecking of the weekend does not have to be boring and repetitive. If you have never tried […]

06/08/2019 No Comments

Eggplant and goat cheese pie. Recipe

In addition, using a sheet of broken dough that they sell made, it is so easy to prepare and it is so delicious, that I do not think it is worth complicating by kneading with the heat that it still does. I did not have a round mold on hand and this circumstance complicated me […]

04/08/2019 No Comments

Salted ricotta cheese and tomato pie, recipe to taste seasonal tomatoes in a big way

That is why we take advantage of these months to prepare many recipes with them, among which we now have one more: salty ricotta cheese and tomato pie. A wonder that has hooked us for many reasons. Because it is easy and quick to prepare, it does not require strange ingredients or impossible gadgets and […]

31/07/2019 No Comments

Broth rice: the seven best recipes that will work out for sure

With chicken, with seafood, with squid and even with mushrooms, the possibilities that rice soup has to delight in the table are varied. That is why we have made this recipe with all kinds of products in recent times. Which of these broth rice do you like most? Vegetable Rice Soup A vegetable rice broth […]

28/07/2019 No Comments

Kitchen robots to return to the routine: Amazon’s best offers for Back to School

To boot with force Amazon also brings us in its collection of offers for the Back to School very juicy discounts on some of the most prominent robots in the market. The multifunctionality of these sophisticated appliances makes them very versatile small appliances to save us a lot of time and effort in the daily […]

26/07/2019 No Comments

Amazon Prime Day 2019: Taurus’s My Cook kitchen robot cheaper than Lidl’s

This is the Taurus MyCook Easy, one of the brand’s sales successes and the best value for its good value for money, which today we find 15 with a discount of more than 50% on its initial launch price. It is an offer available only to users of the Prime service, from which you can […]

24/07/2019 No Comments

Salty tomato pie with cream cheese and mustard: recipe to enjoy the good weather

Turning on the oven is not a good idea in hot weather, but these types of recipes are perfect to take to barbecues, for a picnic or just to share on the terrace. In this recipe for salted tomato pie with cream cheese and mustard, we also take advantage of the fact that the Solanaceae […]

17/07/2019 No Comments

Tomato and anchovy cake: recipe

If we have to be hosts, we have the question of what will be the easiest, but also tastiest to prepare. Look no further, if you want a simple recipe full of flavor, decide for this tomato and anchovy cake that I bring you today. A cake based on the broken dough, which you can […]

16/07/2019 No Comments

Nine chicken recipes with Thermomix to make (also) with Monsieur Cuisine Connect

Well, today we return to the attack with the matter, focusing our attention on a specific ingredient: chicken. That we like chicken is an open secret. An economical, healthy, easy to cook and very versatile product. The game he gives in the kitchen is incredible and proof of this is the number of recipes with […]

15/07/2019 No Comments

Not only quiche: five original recipes of salty cakes for the pecking of the weekend

Be that as it may, salty cakes seem to belong to good weather, although in reality, they are perfect to share throughout the year. The quiche lorraine is one of the most famous, but there is a whole world of savory cakes far beyond the French classic. They are perfect recipes to hurry up a […]

13/07/2019 No Comments

Mediterranean Frittata with ricotta and pesto: vegetarian recipe full of flavor

For a dinner that does not worry at all at the time of its preparation we find the baked dishes perfect, where, while our recipe is being made alone, we can take care of other things. This is the case of this delicious Mediterranean frittata with ricotta and pesto. A vegetarian combination that everyone will […]

11/07/2019 No Comments

Tatin vegetable pie. Recipe

Among my favorite proposals are the vegetable rice broth, the vegetable and egg pan, and the baked eggplant meatballs, to which I add the tatΓ­n vegetable pie. It is an original and fun snack that combines with balance the sweet flavors are the salty ones and that we can adapt to our tastes simply by […]

08/07/2019 No Comments

Stainless steel pans and pots: how to choose them, take care of them and get the most out of them

Cast iron and copper have marked the latest trends but their high price can push us back; Maybe the time has come to rediscover stainless steel. Better known in pots and casseroles, still hesitant in the range of pans in Spain, stainless steel is an excellent material for cooking all kinds of dishes and is […]