Kitchen robots to return to the routine: Amazon’s best offers for Back to School

Kitchen robots to return to the routine: Amazon’s best offers for Back to School

To boot with force Amazon also brings us in its collection of offers for the Back to School very juicy discounts on some of the most prominent robots in the market.

The multifunctionality of these sophisticated appliances makes them very versatile small appliances to save us a lot of time and effort in the daily kitchen. If you want to recover homemade and healthy dishes without complicating yourself too much, these offers are sure to interest you.

Moulinex i-Companion

The latest version of the popular Moulinex kitchen robot has added Bluetooth connectivity to its functions to further facilitate its handling. With the specific application, you can control the preparation, explore recipes, prepare the shopping list or schedule cooking, among other functions.

It has six automatic programs for sauces, two for soups, three for slow cooking, two for steam, three dough programs, one for desserts, and a manual mode to customize all recipes and control the steps. Includes chopper blade, whisk, mixer, kneader/crusher, steam basket, and a recipe book. It is discounted at a special price of 583.91 euros, 35% less than the original cost.

Moulinex Cuisine Companion

If Bluetooth connectivity is an extra that we are not particularly interested in, we can always return to the previous model of the range, which has practically the same essential functions. For 399 euros we have a complete robot with six automatic programs, 4.5 l of capacity for dishes of up to six people, 12 speeds and temperature control from 30ยบ C to 130ยบ C.

Kenwood kCook Multi Smart

Within the robots, with connectivity, we have this Kenwood model, which in this case offers Wi-Fi connection to be able to handle it completely from a smartphone or tablet, through the corresponding application that has more than 600 recipes included.

The Multi Smart allows you to cook dishes for up to ten people -only some specific recipes-, in a temperature range between 30ยบ C and 180ยบ C. It includes a scale integrated to the robot that connects via Bluetooth with the app, warning when the weight is reached required of each ingredient. Its accessories include the ingredient cutter arm, which can be used at the same time as the robot cooks in the closed container. The special offer leaves us at 649.90 euros.

Kenwood KCook Multi

Returning to a previous model of the same brand, if we do not mind giving up connectivity, we can get almost half the price for this other robot, which, again, basically fulfills the other essential functions. We have this robot on offer at 399.90 euros.

It also includes the integrated Direct Prep accessory with five different cutting discs, in addition to a large steam tray that allows cooking even whole fish.

Taurus Mycook Touch

The Taurus star robot is once again at a very attractive offer if we take into account that its original recommended price is 1,199.00 euros, and we have reduced these days to 699 euros. In addition to multiple accessories, it stands out for the touch screen, Wi-Fi connection and the induction cooker system with a temperature range of 40 to 140ยบC. It also has 10 speeds and four special functions.

4.7-liter crockpot

Among the range of slow cookers stands out the offer of this model with 4.7 liters of capacity, ideal for five people, for 51.99 euros. It is a Crock-Pot with a digital timer to program the recipe up to 20 hours before, it offers two power levels – high and low – and an automatic keep-warm function. The lid, made of transparent glass, is foldable and can also be easily removed for cleaning in the dishwasher.

Kenwood kMix

In the case that robots that cook with automatic programs do not convince us, we can invest in a kneading mixer, like this excellent model in a beautiful and elegant black color. With a five-liter stainless steel vessel, 1000 watts of power, six speeds, and many accessories to work all kinds of doughs and preparations, both sweet and savory. With the offer, we are almost half of its original price.


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